Certificate Information

Finding certificates

Your certificate will be available to print if desired once you have successfully completed the course. 

The certificate is available as a PDF once you have successfully completed the Final assessment. 

It is a link at the bottom of the course page.

If the PDF appears not to load please check that it is not hiding behind the main screen window.

Note This site does not contain certificates from courses prior to January 2020. Please complete the latest course.

Latest date not showing 

  • For the 2021-2 course only the 100% result certificate is available.

For older courses:

  • Make sure you have made a second attempt for your Final assessment not just a review. To make another attempt you must select the Re-attempt quiz button.
  • Certificates for are retained on the system for QR code access, so date changes will only appear when the code is refreshed, if you have already accessed a certificate.
  • Code is refreshed daily.
    If you require your new certificate sooner, please go to www.allergy.org.au/vic-schools-help  

Note The Victorian Department of Education and Training requires staff to be verified in the use of an adrenaline autoinjector by a School Anaphylaxis Supervisor within 30 days of completing this course.

Please check that your school has staff that have been trained in this role. 

If your school does not have a School Anaphylaxis Supervisor you may need to complete the course again once a verifier is available. For any further information, please contact the Royal Children's Hospital Anaphylaxis Advisory Line on ph: 1300 725 911.

Last modified: Wednesday, 1 September 2021, 3:30 PM